Scale your Business using Advanced SugarCRM Plugins

SugarCRM is a renowned CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in the industry. First, it conquered the CRM software industry with its open-source solution, and now even after the discontinuation of its community edition, SugarCRM has a lot to offer. In this article, we are going to demonstrate to you how SugarCRM plugins can enhance the existing functionality of your software with an example.

SugarCRM plugins are the best in cases when your business is scaling and business operations are becoming more complex. Then instead of introducing new software to your workflow, you can use a SugarCRM plugin that can power your existing piece of software.

Real-Life Scenario: Understand the usefulness of the SugarCRM extensions with an example of our existing plugin named “SugarCRM Email to Lead”. A lot of our existing clients have been using this tool for automatically generating leads from inbound emails.

If you want to know more about the features and functionalities of our plugin then you can redeem a 3-day free trial. In this trial period, you don’t need to pay a penny. Also, you’ll get access to all the features, there will be no restrictions on the usage of the plugin. We are pretty sure that once you get to know more about SugarCRM plugins then you can’t avoid it.

Why should you Use Email to Lead?

First and foremost, it will save you from manually entering data of incoming emails into SugarCRM. It is a well-known fact that manual data entry is exposed to errors and you can’t afford to lose leads due to some clerical errors.

Secondly, marketers suggest emails are one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads. Our extension will make your job easier when it comes to generating leads from emails. The information parsed from emails will automatically get saved into SugarCRM modules.

Features of SugarCRM Email to Lead

Now, you have learned the immense benefits of the email to lead plugin. Let us tell you the advanced features that will allow you to achieve the desired sales and marketing number.

  • Records will automatically get created in the SugarCRM module, no matter if it is a core module or a custom module. The only thing you need to do is to set up perfectly working inbound settings. After that, conversations with this email will head towards the targeted module.
  • As soon as records get attached to the module, the user will receive a notification. The notification will be received at the preferred email address.
  • Our email to lead addons is advanced enough to read the description of the email and save it into the text body within CRM software.
  • Also, you can map fields directly into SugarCRM using the predefined tokens. There are a bunch of fields available in our extension like first name, last name, address, etc.
  • The admin can also assign the records to the team members automatically with the help of this extension.

After redeeming the offer of our SugarCRM product demo many of our clients have permanently switched to our plugins. We provide unparalleled after-sales customer support, which is one of the key reasons why most of our customers still love to work with us.

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