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Secrets that cruise lines are never going to share with you

Have you ever wondered what secrets on a cruise are being covered from the glare of the general public by the cruise lines? Do you think you can make your journey more comfortable  without carrying first aid travel kit with you?

You are not bothered about that and want to enjoy your cruise tour by reaching a remote destination of the planet, just to cool your heels?

Great! Then you are going to have a wonderful time on the cruise ship of your choice. You will enjoy yourself with your family on a cruise and the first-aid travel kit will take care of all your needs.


If you want to save your hard-earned money as well as explore & enjoy you have to find out more options. When your planning to go on a cruise trip, plant out yourself. Pack your all cruise essential items  and plan for a cruise travel. Don’t delay any further.

Search and explore the food secrets on cruise

In your free time, you can explore a little around the ship and figure out some fine dining secrets on your own. In the main dining room, you can order two entrees and three desserts instead of getting one for each entrée.

Besides that, you can also order entrée-sized portions of the main course as the starters. For a newcomer on a cruise ship like you, it’s a great way to try new foods that you have never experienced in your life before.

Free or discounted breakfast options

While enjoying your days on a cruise ship, you can silently explore the breakfast options too. We are not talking about the buffet and the major dining room here.

On some cruise liners, you will be offered tasty made-to-order omelets along with corned beef hash but the catch is, cruise passengers generally don’t know about this.

In the same way, on some high-class luxurious cruise ships, you can unravel other alternative breakfast avenues in case you are an experienced cruiser.

Exploring & exploiting the specialty restaurants

Most of the travelers on the ship will only go for the main dining rooms or the buffets on the first night of the cruise. But, if you are smart enough then you will be able to arrange for specialty restaurants for your family & friends.

Specialty restaurants are alternative dining restaurants where you can get discounts and other benefits. On top of that, specialty restaurants on the first night of the cruise are not crowded.

Go for complimentary bites

Some selected coffee shops on the cruise ships come with an extra fee but the advantage is you can get pastries, sandwiches, and other food varieties for free.

While some specialized delicacies will come with a charge but you can have the small bites for free. In some bars on the cruise ship, you will be offered complimentary snacks too.

Enjoy your ice cream without any charge

When it comes to licking ice creams on cruise, young and old all pounce upon the charge. For most of the time, these branded ice creams come with a charge.

But sometimes soft-ice cream serving machines at the buffet will come for free. You just have to do some focused reconnaissance to lay your hands on the ice cream of your flavor.

Uncover the drinking secrets on the ship

While having a good time on the ship, you can uncover the drinking secrets too.

Enjoy the open containers on the ship        

Before arriving on the ship, with a little search and inquiry, you can figure out that there is no “open beverage” rule on board.

You are free to bring drinks from a local bar or restaurant where beverages are more affordable than on a cruise ship.

No one will stop you or bat an eye if you are bringing drinks from outside the cruise into your cabin.

Purchasing wine onboard

Purchasing wine on the ship is affordable, so you can buy as many as your want to enjoy with your friends on the ship. You should stay aware of the restaurant corkage fees in case you are bringing your wine on the ship to drink with your friends or family members.

Ordering beer on ships

You can save money by ordering buckets of beer. You will get four or five beers in a souvenir bucket that is more affordable than the individual bottles.

Saving money on soft drinks

On most of the cruise lines that you have sailed in the past, you might have noticed that soft drinks don’t come for free. Hence, buying a soft drinks card will do the trick. You will get the chance to set an affordable price for unlimited soft drinks.

Find & reveal the cabin secrets

There are several cabin rooms on the cruise that you can get for affordable or discounted rates.

Go for a magnetic cabin room

Most of the rooms of the cabin are made up of metal and therefore, you can also consider them as magnetic & affordable with a view. Bring all your magnets and souvenirs such as an invitation to the cocktail party, optional dining reservations, and slips of the daily routine on the cruise.

Nightlight Substitute Cabins

You can also save money, by booking inside cabins with no sunlight. Make sure  to turn on your TV  without the sound. You will get an instant bedside light & you will get to know if the sun is coming up or not.

Go for Spa cabins

First-timer or not, you can go for spa cabins which can be a neat financial decision. A spa cabin on the cruise ship with a lasso therapy pool, steam, and sauna rooms will be like heaven sailing on the sea.

The extra money, you will pay for this cabin is a lot less than what you have to shell out more for a cruise-length spa pass that can make a big hole in a pocket unless you are a billionaire.

Booking limited cruise outlets to stay

Cruise ships outlets are more affordable to stay in if you’re on a short or limited cruise trip that ends in a week. In such outlets, you can bring in your charger or power bank.

Before bringing your electronics on a cruise and other electronics item, just make sure it is legal to do so . Otherwise, you will have to pay the penalty. You can ask your cabin attendant to know if there is an additional outlet concealed in the cabin somewhere. But also don’t forget top bring your first aid travel kit.

Before going to join this trip and want  to  make your  journey more memorable. Remember, you should pack all your first aid travel kit to make this trip more comfortable.

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