Signage Design Ideas for Small and Medium Scale Businesses

Signage advertising in Abu Dhabi has picked up the pace, as every new business intends to stand out from its competition around the area. Therefore, the newcomers eagerly wait for some breakthrough ideas to get started with their signage mode of advertising the brand. The marketing landscape has changed immensely! Today, there is no limitation on how you can advertise your brand services or products.

Small and medium-scale businesses intend to impose maximum effect with minimal advertising moves. Therefore, they look for such rewarding opportunities without failing to implement them. One such opportunity is digital signage advertising, which has proven itself a powerful and efficient marketing tool. Signage marketing is not just about placing the signs but deciding upon strategic placement to promote maximum visibility.

It is because only then you would get humongous foot traffic to your business and can expect to make more sales. But, just like any other marketing measure, you need to do your bit of research on the prominent signage advertising ideas that could work well with less investment. Here is the article to help you with a few of such ideas!

1. Flag Mounted Signage

If you run a small store with less place around the site to advertise the brand, then a flag-mounted signage design would work well. It is also known as projecting or blade signs, which are perpendicularly mounted onto the outside wall of your store. These small areas are accountable for replicating your brand logo or any small tagline, as per your preference. It is a common design amidst the options of signage advertising in Abu Dhabi.

2. Light Box Signage Design

A light box is yet another common signage idea leveraged on high priority. They are fantastic implementations for illuminating the business’s name within a box fitted with lights. You can use it either as your business store’s exterior or interior wall décor. You can blend this idea with the first one by making a light box and installing it with a flag mount onto the wall. Convey the same to your signage supplier, and let them add their creativity to yours.

3. Neon Light Signage Design

Time keeps evolving, and the traditional light box design has also evolved to impose neon lighting for better illumination. Neon signs being implemented on walls in your store’s outdoor and indoor areas will promote high visibility. You can put on the brand’s name with a logo on one end of the entire neon display. If not that, then you can also put up just the tagline with neon lights. Hence, this is probably the best and most affordable signage advertising in Abu Dhabi, which will help you mark a leading statement amidst the crowd of competitors.

4. Window Decal Signage Design

Signage is not just about color and lights! It can be as simple as decals and will still make an impact. Decals are inexpensive and permit you to change them now and then to promote your business on new levels. It is recommended that you advertise the decal signage on windows, to advertise new products and services. As you can change them often, do not limit yourself on what you can try advertising with it. You can use the decal signage over shelves, ceilings, walls and floors.

5. Projected Signage or Image Design

In this style of signage design, all you need is a projector that is remotely connected to your storage system. This projector can create images on walls to promote your brand, give instructions to customers and also save you a lot of money. There are fewer physical parts here that can experience wear & tear. Moreover, you can also keep on changing the image projections as many times as possible. In this way, you will be limitless on how you could advertise your brand through signage. Keep changing them over time to create a good rapport with the audience.

6. Metal Signage Design

Metal Signage Design is somehow the most expensive idea for signage advertising in Abu Dhabi. But, it works wonders in drawing customer attention to the store. Whether you design a logo or just an attention seeker metal signage board, it adds style to how you choose to advertise the brand. Metal signs are designed with weatherproof and waterproof properties, which is crucial for outdoor use.


These are the 6 popular ideas that you can try for advertising your business to a mass audience. The price of signage advertising in Abu Dhabi depends upon the suppliers and the type of design you opt for. You can take your time and talk to the designers or suppliers to plan the best signage that would go well with your brand. If you are a small or medium scale business, it becomes really important for you to tailor your branding measures, to avoid negative repercussions.

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