Steps to Host an Engaging Virtual R&R Ceremony and Award Show

2020 was a year full of adversities, and the impact was so vast that two years down the lane, we are still figuring our ways out of them. One change that we have gotten used to by now is hosting events online. The concept of virtual events has become a significant part of our lives by now. However, if you are still figuring out how to host one, don’t worry; this blog has got you. in this article read about Virtual R&R Ceremony and Award Show

Host a Virtual R&R Show

Here are the steps you need to follow to host a virtual R&R show and award ceremony. Have a look: 

Pick a date and time for your award ceremony

The first and the foremost step towards hosting a virtual award show, or any event for that matter, is to go through your calendars and pick the appropriate date and time. While doing so, ensure the date you pick up doesn’t clash with any other major event, festival, or holiday. Experts suggest selecting a date that falls during the weekdays; Mondays and Fridays are the most preferred days. 

While selecting the time, follow professionalism and keep it during office hours. No matter how significant your virtual event is, you should respect that the employees have a life beyond work. Hence, schedule the virtual R&R ceremony and award show during your regular office timings.

Look out for the best platform:

 Now that you have selected the date and time for your award show, start looking for a venue for your virtual award show i.e. a virtual event platform. Let us clear out the most prevalent myth; there’s no other significant difference between virtual shows and physical events. The only noteworthy difference lies in their medium of hosting. Virtual events require the same amount of effort, planning, and brainstorming. And, a virtual event platform is nothing but a venue for online events. 

Hence, there are some factors that you should look for while making a choice:


Nobody would like to keep the security and confidentiality at stake only for the sake of a few bucks, and it is not also advisable to do so. Hence while looking for a solution, ensure it is safe from online threats and doesn’t compromise with the privacy of its users. 


Audience Engagement Tools:

Virtual events indeed have their advantages, but it is also true that they have their own set of limitations. One of them is that it takes extra effort for the organizers to keep the attendees hooked to the event for the entire duration. But it is when the audience engagement tools come to the rescue. These features help the event organizers to keep their audience occupied and maintain their audience engagement rate. Hence, while searching for an online platform, make sure it comes with a set of highly engaging activities. 



There’s no sense in selecting an option that requires the audience to have the advanced technical knowledge to access the platform. While some of your attendees might have that knowledge, others might not have. Also, it would take extra effort for the audience to join in the event. Hence, if you are searching for a platform, make sure the solution is easily accessible, maybe in a click or two. 


Multi-Device Accessibility:

People find it easier to join a virtual event through mobile phones. Along with this, not all your attendees need to have access to laptops or PCs during the award show. Hence, we would suggest you play it safe by selecting a multi-device accessible as well as a multi-OS accessible event solution. 


Networking Features:

One of the most prominent objectives behind hosting events like virtual town hall meetings is to promote communication between the employees and their peers from work. And as we all know, communication always remains a matter of doubt when it comes to online events, but not with virtual networking solutions. Therefore, pick a solution that comes with high-end communication tools. 



As you might have understood by now, search for an online platform that suits your budget. 

Use Social Wall Feature Effectively: 

With advanced technology comes advanced tools; one such is Social Walls. The feature of social walls collects all the posts uploaded using a specific hashtag and brings them together on a single platform. Social walls help the organizers to generate their event feed and enhance their audience reach. 

Create a Flow of the Event: 

Outlining your event and creating its flow will help you bring together the entire event. The whole event will get a scattered output without a decided itinerary, which might also affect the success rate of your virtual R&R ceremony. Not only this, proper planning will help you get an idea of the timings of your event, allowing the attendees to prepare their schedules accordingly. 

Roll Out Invites:

Organising in-house virtual events gives you the complete authority to invite the attendees over a mail or message. But, it’s time we move ahead of these boring conventional ideas and incorporate something interesting. Roll out appealing invitations to invite your employees to the virtual award show. It will boost excitement among them. 

Drop-in Reminders:

Though there are fewer chances of something like this happening, as a host, you must drop in reminders before the event so that your employees don’t forget about it. You can make them intriguing by incorporating graphics, pictures, and maybe a video or two. 

Incorporate Audience Engagement Activities:

Make the event outstanding and memorable by including fun and unique activities in your virtual R&R show and Award Show. There are various ideas that you can use; here are a few: 

  • Host a virtual cocktail party. 

  • Don’t let the screens get in between and dance to some hit numbers with your colleagues. 

  • How about allowing your employees to showcase their talents at a virtual talent show?

  • Host a social media contest. 

Keep the Event Short:

 In case you have forgotten by now, let us remind you; your employees have a personal life, and it is more challenging to keep the audience engaged in virtual events than their physical counterparts. Hence, you have to make extra efforts to ensure your event has a constant audience engagement rate throughout the session. One way to do this is by keeping the event short and crisp. Avoid adding irrelevant information, and deliver only crucial and necessary content. 

Collect Feedback: 

You have been doing this with your clients and customers; follow this step here as well. Once the event is over, send post-event feedback to everyone invited to the virtual award ceremony. It will help you know how they liked the event and the shortcomings. By following this step, you can plan your upcoming strategies effectively. 

Organizations across the world have started hosting virtual events in full swing; there are still a few struggling their ways through it. However, owing to their advantages, it is clear that they are here to stay for a long time. Hence, if you don’t want to be left behind, host your next R&R ceremony and award show virtually. And to know the steps for hosting one, you know which blog you need to refer to. 


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