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The Best Material for the Kitchen – Lucida Laminates!

A brief about Lucida laminates

Lucida by Century Laminates is a special type of laminate that provides a glossy finish to the space where they are used. Their glass-like smoothness is an exclusive feature that makes them highly unique and a much-in-demand product. They come in various designs, textures and patterns, but their mirror-like appearance is the property that remains constant. They are extensively used in making wardrobes, cabinets and other small pieces of furniture. They add a very classy look to the space. The kitchen cabinets look fresh and glossy all the time, plus these laminates do not ask for much maintenance, making them an easily usable product.

Why avail of the services of Lucida laminates?

There are several reasons why you should avail yourself of the services by Lucida.

  • Highly resistant to scuff

The laminates by Lucida come highly scuff resistant. This property doesn’t come with all the laminates. It’s exclusively available in laminates by Lucida. When this feature comes inherent in the laminates, the maintenance becomes extremely easy and manageable.

  • Resistant to abrasions

Laminates are also prone to scratches and abrasions, but no more with the abrasion-resistant feature in the laminates of Lucida.

  • Resistant to stains

This property makes the laminates by Lucida well equipped for the kitchen cabinetry. It’s quite a known fact that kitchen woodwork is highly prone to stains, and it becomes extremely difficult to maintain them by cleaning the stains now and then, but you’ve got nothing to worry about with Lucida being resistant to stains.

  • Wide variety available

At Lucida, there is ample variety available in terms of colors, patterns, textures and too many designs. You can choose the best out of the best.

  • Top-notch quality

Lucida provides high-quality laminates, and the products are quite durable and sustainable. Plus, their laminates are affordable at all they provide.

3 reasons why it is the best material for kitchen

   1. Capable of resisting high pressure

The laminates by Lucida can easily bear high pressure and take up much weight easily. Resistivity to high pressure is one of the most important factors to look for when looking for kitchen cabinets. This is because they are much prone to high pressure, and Lucida laminates have been designed keeping in mind this important feature.

Not all decorative laminates are strong and durable. But that’s not so with laminates by Lucida. Their strength is equally impressive, just like their smooth glossy finish.

   2. Antibacterial laminates

Since the kitchen is a space that is also much exposed to little microscopic microbes and some of them can prove to be harmful to the laminates. Many of these microbes are wood eaters as well. Thus it becomes a necessity to protect the beautiful surface of these laminates from harmful microorganisms. That is why the laminates by Lucida come resistant to bacteria and other microbes. These laminates are also resistant to scuff, strain and abrasions, making them a low maintenance product and can be easily cleaned as well.


That was a brief about Lucida laminates and why they are the best type for your kitchen cabinetry. The reasons provided in this article make the Lucida Century Laminates ideal for any space but especially for the kitchen. Therefore, if you’re looking to give your kitchen a makeover by providing it with a glossy finish, then laminates by Lucida are the perfect pick.

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