The Features of Meditab EMR – Difference between EMR AND EHR!

The health care software known as Meditab is the talk of the town among the health care providers. It comes with features that are unrivaled by many of its competitors. In this article, we will be discussing the facets of Meditab. We will also discuss what makes an EMR different as compared to an EHR.  

Meditab EMR is an electronic health record that minimizes cumbersome administrative daily tasks. Meditab is well-rounded software in the market. It is inclined at facilitating clinical practices that deal with intense patient cases along with being an intuitive software with an easy-to-understand layout makes this EMR desirable to many medical practitioners. Henceforth, Meditab works on all levels of medical practice, from solo practices to large-scale organizations, it caters to all needs. 

Meditab-Features and Outcomes: 

With its never-ending arsenal of innovative functionalities, it assists over 30 medical specialties. The Meditab EMR software has a clear set goal in mind. It is on the road to success with a noble vision in mind. It tries to help health care providers in every possible dimension there is. Meditab finds newer ways to create a better health-centric environment for them no matter what it takes. 

Meditab provides services like mobile app facilities so that medical professionals can check, analyze and alter the records on the go. Furthermore, another feature is it provides IMS Patient Portal where all the patient records lie that can easily be accessed with a click of a button. IMS Rx Management brings everything you need to fast-track prescription processing into a single screen. A proper diagnostic Lab Order and to top it all off, an electronic Medical Office. 

EHR VS EMR: Which one is Superior:

The words mind some similar but there is more to this than meets the eye. With just one word variation. it makes the world of a difference. EHR stands for electronic health records and EMR stands for electronic medical records. There are many limitations to EMR since only the solo practitioner can access the patient health records. There is no access for the patient to see his medical records nor can the medical professional transfer the data to a different system via the software. You would have to download the physical copy of the records and TCS it to a different region if maybe.

The EHR is a far superior version of an EMR. It has greater possibilities as compared to an EMR system. The patient can access his flies and previous records as well. The Medical professional can send the patient’s data or any doctor around the world via the software so that further improvements can be made in the life expectancy rate of the patient. There are other more reputable feathers as well in the EHR systems and it varies as well, different companies have different cutting edge features that they offer as a core competency to stand out in the market.

Long story short, EHR software is the future of health care industries and they are far superior as compared to EMR software.

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