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Things You Need To Know About Brazilian Deep Wave

Brazilian deep wave hair is the most widely used brand of virgin hair. It is largely renowned for its exceptional ability to fit in with the natural hair textures of various ethnic groups. Straight, wavy, and curly are just a few of the many textures available in Brazilian virgin hair.

Brazilian hair gives every woman the bounce and fullness they crave. Our Brazilian hair doesn’t tangle since the cuticles flow in a single direction. With good care, the hair can last 4-6 months to a year with minimal to no shedding.

Virgin Brazilian deep wave hair features extremely tight curls. For that tropical appearance, this kind of curl works well. Deep wave hair requires constant moisturizing and careful maintenance.

You can straighten this extensions if you want to. However, we advise you to get a different type of texture. You don’t want to overheat this hair since you don’t want to lose the naturally lovely curl pattern.

How To Treat Brazilian Deep Wave Hair?

Remember that you shouldn’t use any styling gel, mousse, or other similar products on your Brazilian deep wave hair extensions. It should be carried out by a stylist, if at all necessary. The hair can be treated with heat and colors for a gorgeous, personalized style. Because this hair has never previously received any form of treatment, it is possible to do so. 

Tips To Care For Brazilian Deep Wave Hair Bundles

Your virgin Brazilian deep curly hair bundle must be carefully cared for to maintain its longevity. Treat your bundles similar to how you would treat your natural hair. Here are some pointers for maintaining your virgin hair’s bounce, shine, softness, and tangle-free nature.

1. Use a satin scarf to cover your hair every night, or use a satin pillowcase. 

2. You may keep your hair curly, bouncy, and volumized without using heat by using flexible rods (bendy rollers), perm rods, or Bantu knots.

3. Avoid using too much heat! This might harm your hair bundles.

4. Let your hair air dry rather than blow drying it.

5. At least once per week, wash your hair bundles.

6. Brushing deep wave hair will only make the curls unwind. Therefore, avoid doing so, not even with a paddle brush. Instead, use a finger comb with wide teeth or even your own hands.

7. Twist your hair into a single braid before putting on a satin cap to cover the entire head at night before retiring to bed.

Why Is Brazilian Deep Wave Hair So Popular?

You can’t go wrong with Brazilian deep wave hair with the quality, texture, and wearable results. Brazilian deep body wave hair extensions have been our best-selling item lately. Let’s look at anything Brazilian hair-related!

Versatility — You can be dressed up or down. Your natural hair blends in seamlessly with its thickness.

Volume – Brazilian hair naturally bounces and is voluminous, giving your hair extensions a natural appearance and feel.

Durability –  Brazilian human hair can last up to six months with proper maintenance. Because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it is naturally tough and damage-resistant.


Brazilian hair is highly recommended hair extensions because of their exceptional quality! If you are looking for top-quality, go to India Hair International! I bet you will never regret.

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