Tips for Speeding up Your Xiaomi Phone

Nowadays, smartphones come with the fastest processors, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Huge batteries and big cameras with massive storage. Xiaomi has phones in all segments, i.e., low-budget smartphones like Redmi 9a, Moderate ones like Redmi note 11, and the Flagship devices like Mi 12 Pro. Though every user wants their smartphone must be fast as Ferrari. But after some months or years, that also depends upon usage. All smartphone might slow down. In this topic, we will discuss the points for increasing the speed and performance of the Xiaomi smartphone.

If you’re looking to speed up the speed of your Xiaomi phone, you’re at the right spot. Here are three ways to speed up speed on your Xiaomi phone. Once you’ve done these steps, your phone will perform faster. After implementing these suggestions, you may consider rooting your phone to perform these fixes if it’s still slow. Doing these steps every week is recommended, and you’ll be able to see the effects. Also check the websites which provides Guest posts.

1, Turn Off Animations

If your device runs slowly, you can try turning off its animations. This will speed up the performance and make the device feel smoother. Also, you can enable the Show refresh rate option, which will display the current graphics frame rate. This feature is similar to tools like Fraps or Riva Tuner on PCs. Once enabled, you can enjoy a smoother performance with your Xiaomi phone.

2,Speed Query

To speed up your Xiaomi phone, run a speed query on the browser. To perform a speed query, you must have your internet connection speed. After you have completed the speed query, visit a website and download the speed report. Xiaomi also offers a speed tester as part of its MIUI mobile OS. It will help you determine the maximum upload and download speed. You can then modify the parameters of your Xiaomi mobile to improve your speeds.

3, Schedule Notifications

Another secret tip is to schedule the animation to start between 11 pm and 6 am. This is the time when phone is kept on idle mode. This will help you save a lot of battery power while freezing most app activities. Most Xiaomi phones have default animation turned on by default. However, these animations are very resource intensive, and switching them off will save you battery and energy. Performing these three optimizations should help your Xiaomi phone run much faster

Another method to boost the performance on you Xiaomi phone is to disable pre-installed applications. You can remove this bloatware via rooting your phone but it’s just a temporary fix. If you’re not a user with a root it is possible to disable or eliminate this bloatware by using the application ‘Xiaomi MI Recovery. It’s the “Xiaomi Mi Recovery” application is a recovery tool that is installed by default on your Xiaomi phone.

If still your Xiaomi Phone is not getting recovered you can sell old mobile phone at cash2phone for best price. Even one can sell damaged phone but the condition is device must be On and able to make and receive calls.

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