Top 10 Passive Income-Producing App Development Ideas

Creating a passive income is not as easy as shown in many ads in your Instagram feed. It takes time, hard and smart work, and perseverance. There are many more ways to earn money passively from a physical asset. But, the online world has only a few successful passive income ideas with one-time investments like mobile app development. 

App development is one of them that can ensure passive income. In this blog, I shared some trending app development ideas for passive income. Such applications can be crafted by an app development company with customized clone scripts like Uber for X. So, the time and cost to establish your passive income will be reduced. 

Let’s get into the blog for further details on this.

What are the Types of Apps in High Demand?

Usually, businesses focus on mobile app development to increase their scalability, accessibility, customer service, and satisfaction. But as an entrepreneur, you can invest in app development to get a robust application to get passive income. 

On-demand mobile applications are getting more demand in the market. For example, the online food delivery application, online liquor delivery service, online grocery service app, and telehealth/ online doctor booking application are getting high demand in the market.

These kinds of applications are generating revenue by establishing an online marketplace for specific professionals. Such professionals are called “Service Providers”. They pay a certain percentage of payment that they’ll receive from online appointments through your app as commission. In addition to this, you can earn through ad banners, top-rank listing commission, and other ways.  

So, you can generate income by establishing such an online marketplace with an application. The worth of the on-demand economy is estimated at $57.6 billion on average by Harvard Business. That means the on-demand service has the demand in the current scenario. 

On another hand, the growth of mobile users is forecasted at around 7.4 billion in 2025. So, developing an on-demand mobile application can boost your income if it is executed with a perfect business plan and strategy.  

10 Best App Development Ideas For Passive Income

Here is the list of the top 10 lucrative and feasible app development ideas. But, if you choose the app development process from scratch, it may consume more time and cost. To avoid it, you can choose a clone script which is a ready-to-use app solution. So, you can avail and launch it in no time. 

The following 10 application models can be built with a clone solution like Uber for X. Let’s check the app development ideas to generate passive income now. 

  • Online Tutor Booking App:

By creating an online marketplace for tutors you can generate revenue. Through this application, learners can enroll themselves and book a tutor online. They can do the payment with the secured-payment gateway, with multiple choices. 

It also allows the tutor to earn money by getting more online bookings. Along with this, the custom schedule, multiple appointment management, in-app communication, calendar synchronization, and other features make the online tutoring process feasible. 

  • Doctor Booking:

The next on-demand application we are going to see is the doctor booking application. It is an online marketplace for doctors. That allows patients to get appointments with doctors easily. Such an application also supports the telemedicine facility. So, online consulting is also possible with this application. 

You can follow the subscription revenue model, and freemium revenue model with this application to generate revenue. The Uber for doctor appointments script will be the perfect solution to establish such an online platform.

  • Taxi Booking App:

By availing of an online taxi booking app like Uber, you can aggregate taxi drivers with vehicles online. It is one of the high-yield producing app development ideas in recent days. The total revenue generated through taxi apps in the past year is approximately calculated as 225 billion USD worldwide. 

So, by executing an online taxi business with a taxi booking app clone script, you can get a large amount of passive income. 

  • On-Demand Chef Booking Platform:

In most countries, hiring a maid or local chef for the cooking process is a common thing. In such regions, the households are facing difficulties in finding the best, most qualified, and reliable chef to cook their food. 

Your on-demand chef booking application can allow such potential customers to book chefs through your application. Through this, you can also generate revenue and also help the cook professionals to get additional online appointments. 

  • Photographer Booking Platform:

By providing an easy way to discover and book talented photographers by launching an online photography booking app you can earn passive income. This application can create value by providing top-notch features like online schedule maintenance, an intuitive calendar, and the remainder for appointments. 

Simply, this application can be an effective platform for showing off the talent of photographers and getting more online bookings. 

  • Makeup Artists Booking App:

Like skilled photographers, every talented person should have equal opportunities to exhibit their skills and talents. In this queue, makeup artists are one of the professionals who mostly depend on online bookings. 

By availing and launching a mobile app to establish a makeup artist booking system you can stage them up to get more opportunities. You can also get commissions for it. 

  • Veterinary Doctor Online Booking App:

Online vet booking services are one of the most demanded services by pet owners. Pets are also living things that also need medical help, and first-aid during health emergencies. In this situation, your veterinary online booking app will be helpful for pet owners.

Meanwhile, veterinary doctors are rarely getting appointments. So, a single app solution can bridge the gap between them and also unlock a passive income stream for you.

  • Handyman App:

While renovating a home or working place, people need technicians’ help to do plumbing, painting, carpeting, etc. But getting loyal and credible workmen is difficult. As an entrepreneur, you can use this situation to generate money.

All you need to do is avail and launch a handyman application. And by doing an effective marketing campaign, you can get numerous customers to use your application and boost your income. 

  • Personal Trainer Booking App:

The need for personal trainers will increase when people are focusing on their health and want to do simple and effective exercise at a low cost compared to gym costs. There are a lot of trainers who are looking for additional income sources. You can aggregate them under a single banner and provide an online personal trainer booking service with your application. 

  • Packer and Movers Booking App

Shifting office or home is not an easy task. A recent survey reveals that nearly 15.3 million households with an average size of 2 to 3 members, move annually in the USA. So, you can rely on this industry for a regular income. 

You need to connect the people who need assistance in packing and moving their things and the people who have skills in packing and driving heavy vehicles. As this app model is one of the successful ideas in many countries, you can launch a packer and movers booking app for passive income.

As per the aforesaid statement, these app development ideas can be executed with a clone script like Uber for X. All you need to do is find the best app development company that provides a clone app solution with years of experience to deliver your application from which you can get passive income. 


Before availing of a clone script for your mobile application, you are advised to do market research, competitive analysis, and other research. That makes you feel more confident about your success rate and your financial goal. 

Along with this, it helps you create a needs and demands list of features with your mobile app. Through this, you can easily get the specific app clone solution that you want from a trusted mobile app development company. 

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