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What is Parent Portal Software? How It Will Benefit the Current Education System?

What is a parent portal?

Education ERP is smart software that helps parents keep track of the progress and achievements of their children. This can happen through regular updates from the school, which allow teachers to update parents on an ongoing basis as well as make it easier for students to access detailed information about their grades, activities, programs, and other important issues.

Parent Portal Software is software that facilitates communication between parents and schools. It empowers parents to easily communicate with their children and make sure that they are following the required academic curricula while also providing them with important details regarding their children’s attendance at school. Parents can view their child’s original school report card, mark sheets, and attendance records which prove the present status of the student by school authorities. They also have access to a report card that highlights the good and bad points of the student.

Why parent portal?

Parent Portal Software plays a very vital role in the educational system. It helps both the school and parents to collaborate efficiently by providing all essential information in a single place. It not only helps the school to streamline its administrative processes but also keeps parents updated with the latest news, projects, and academic activities. Due to its advanced features like mobile apps and web-based applications, it can also be used for quick communication between students and teachers. The success of this technology depends upon two factors: firstly, what kind of features can be provided to the portal software? Secondly, how well do the potential users understand these features?

One of the most important aspects of any e-learning system is the ease with which it facilitates communication between teachers and parents. This needs to be harnessed emotionally so that applications can be made for both student and parent sides. We call them as Parent Portal Software and Student Portal Software, but they can also be called Online Parent Portal Software or Online Student Portal Software.

Uses of Parent Portal 

 Parent Portal Software, also called Student Portal Software, is offered online by eSchool. Students have the freedom to communicate with their parents without any restrictions. Parents will be able to access student records in real-time and easily communicate with the school. 

Parent Portal Software is a software that enables parents and students online communication. This makes it easy to communicate with parents and students at any time they choose with each other. With this feature, the student will have an online account on their parent’s portal, which they can use anytime they want.  Parent Portal Software is used by parents and students to communicate with the institution in a straightforward manner. The system allows them to access important information such as school, parent’s groups, teacher notes, and calendars. Parent Portal Software is software that provides parents with an easy way to keep up-to-date with their child’s activity online and elsewhere. It also provides them with a better understanding of what exactly their kids are doing online.

Lots of parents and students are increasingly involved in their children’s education. Now, whether they are at home or away on a business trip, they get updates and “fresh” information so that their children don’t have to do their own homework. This way, everyone is happy! 

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Features of Parent Portal 

Parent portal software is a new way for parents to stay connected with their children’s schools. It allows parents to:

  • See what their child is doing at school (attendance, grades, awards, etc.)
  • Download fees receipts
  • Chat directly with the teacher
  • See pictures of events in which their child has participated
  • See who else is a classmate of their child for safety purposes.

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