Try these 2 Steps If Windows Firewall Is Blocking QuickBooks

A lot of QB services require an internet connection to function correctly. Sometimes users cannot access those services because the Windows Firewall Is Blocking QuickBooks, and they can’t connect to the internet. At times, your Windows security considers Quickbooks as a threat and prevents it from interacting with QuickBooks or the internet. It generally arises when users try to run the QuickBooks database server manager. Generally, there are two different error messages that can pop up for this error:- 

Network diagnostics failed  

Disable exceptions Firewall not defined” fix problems and retry

Windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks server connection and you don’t know what to do? Go through this blog for easy solutions, but if the error is still not resolved, reach out to our experts at +1(855)-856-0053 and they can provide you with better guidance. 

Reasons Why Windows Firewall Is Blocking QuickBooks Server

There are multiple reasons why the Windows Firewall is blocking the QuickBooks server, such as a problem with your internet connection or interference by a third-party application. These are the steps you need to consider:- 

  • A third party or Antivirus finds it a threat to your device.
  • Windows safety considers it a threat and blocks it from connecting with the internet.
  • Your internet connection is poor.

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Things to do if Windows Firewall is Blocking QuickBooks

You need to add QB as a direct exception if the Windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks. The other way out will be to reboot your windows device. These are the steps you need to follow to fix the error:- 

Method 1- Rerun QuickBooks Desktop

Rebooting your device undoes any unsaved changes. It is a simple solution that may work if the error occurs because of any recent unsaved change. Tap on the Windows start button, click on the shutdown button and choose Restart. 

Check if QuickBooks firewall blocking issues still arise after you restart your system. Move on to the next solution if the error is not resolved. 

Method 2- Add QuickBooks to Firewall Exception

Adding QuickBooks to the firewall exception will ensure that your windows security does not consider QB a threat or block its functions. These are the steps you need to follow to do so:- 

  • Press Windows + I and then choose Update & Security.
  • Now tap on Windows Security from the left pane and tap on Firewall and Network Security.
  • Click on the Advanced Settings button. 
  • A new window will pop up and you need to tap on the Inbound Rules option.
  • Click on New Rule and tap on Program, then select Save.    
  • Click on This Program Path and tap on Browse.
  • Select the folder containing your Quickbooks Installation files.
  • Click on Next after selecting the path and select ‘Allow the Connection’ option.
  • Tick-mark all three options and tap on Next.  
  • Give a name to your new rule and then tap on Finish.
  • Now follow the same steps to create outbound rules.

 So these are things you can do if the Windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks. Adding your application as an exception will also ensure that there is no interference by the application in any capacity. If you still have any doubts or is stuck at any step, reach out to an expert at +1(855)-856-0053 and they can guide you with advanced solutions.

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