Upstop Review 2022: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Unstop review is a brief analysis of the services of the Indian broker. It highlights the brokerage firm and what it is good at. As a result, traders can easily open their trading accounts and invest in various assets. 

The broker earlier was called RKSV Securities. It is the top discount broker in India with low brokerage fees and high margin trading. To learn more about the broker, we have a brief Unstop review. 

So, let’s dive in and understand the broker in detail. 

What is Unstop?

RKSV Securities, with registration number INZ000185137, is now known as Unstop broker. The brand works under the RKSV Securities India Pvt. Ltd. It is a cost-effective brokerage firm with the best services. 

The broker is a trustworthy and reliable online trading platform. Traders can open their accounts on mobile and desktop versions of the Unstop broker. It offers traders unmatched convenience. 

The broker’s headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Ratan Tata and Tiger Global Management back Unstop. It was started in 2009 by Ravi Kumar, Kavitha Subramanian and Shrini Viswanath. 

Unstop: Pros and Cons

Unstop is a popular Indian broker. Traders can have several facilities with the broker. However, it also has certain drawbacks. To get an overview of the broker, we have the pros and cons: 


  • Discount brokerage 
  • Backed by Mr Ratan Tata and Tiger Group 
  • Zero brokerage on delivery trades 
  • Zero demat account maintenance charge 
  • Mobile trading 
  • 100% online account opening 
  • Easy-to-use platform 
  • Various trading tools 
  • Futures & options, commodities and currency trading 


  • Call and trade chargeable at Rs. 20 per trade 
  • GTC orders (Good till cancelled) are not available in orders 

Is Unstop Safe?

Upstox believes in the security and safety of the clients and their funds. Therefore, they do not share clients’ data with any third party. 

Also, they maintain a track record with customers. 

Moreover, they advertise using word of mouth and organic growth. Through these activities, they want to win the trust of their customers. 

For security purposes, Upstox has the best facility. They use the following to secure their apps and information of the clients:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Stronger protection 
  • Transparency 
  • Account protection 
  • Regulation of SEBI 
  • Proper registration 

Why choose Upstox?

Upstox is the best choice for Indian traders. It’s so because the broker has the best services available. As a result, traders can invest in a secure trading environment with low trading charges or you also can invest in metaverse

Besides, the brokerage firm has: 

  • Special offers like brokerage credits 
  • Rs. 20 per trade for an intraday investment 
  • Zero brokerage on delivery 
  • Offers advanced technology 
  • It has the best trading platform 
  • Saves up to 90% on brokerage fees 
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Mobile app and web platform  

Upstox Mobile App

Mobile trading apps have become an integral part of the trading business. Most online brokers offer the facility to make investing easy. The broker also offers its clients the best mobile app feature. 

The mobile app of Upstox is called Upstox Pro. It is state of the art with advanced services. Some of its features are: 

  • Universal search tool 
  • Access to NSE cash, futures, options, commodities and currency 
  • Cutting-edge charting tools 
  • Multiple intervals, types and drawing styles of charts 
  • 100+ technical tools 
  • Price alerts 
  • Customization 
  • Real-market trading 
  • Indices 

Upstox Web Platform

The web browser of Upstox is a desktop application. It has salient features that make trading more convenient. Traders can use the services to invest and make the best trading experience. 

The advanced features of the platform are: 

  • Advance charting 
  • 100+ indicators 
  • Minimalist interface 
  • Access to different browsers 
  • Easy-to-use platform 

Upstox Trading Fees

Upstox is a low trading fees platform. Traders choose it for the low charges and best services. So, the trading fees for Upstox Indian traders are not a concern. However, below we have the charges applicable: 

Brokerage Charges:

The broker has a straightforward structure. The brokerage charge at the platform is Rs. 20 per trade. It is for all non-deliverable transactions. 

However, for deliverable transactions, it does not have any charge. Here, we have the charges: 

  • Equity delivery: Zero 
  • Intraday trades: Rs. 20 
  • Equity futures: Rs. 20 
  • Trading account opening charges: Free 
  • Demat account opening charges: Rs. 400
  • Trading annual maintenance charges: Nil 
  • Demat account maintenance charges: Nil for the first year and Rs. 150 for the second year onwards 
  • Standard NSE charges, Transaction charges and taxes 
  • Rs. 20 for call and trade 
  • Rs.7 for fund transfer 


Upstox is an excellent option for beginners and experts. Traders who want to trade with low trading costs can choose the broker. The Indian broker offers a range of services with low charges. 

It is secure and has the best security features with mobile and web platforms. In addition, traders can analyse the low trading fees at the broker.

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