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Water Storage at Homes- Know How Much Water You Can Store

Storing and saving water is the need of the hour for all nations, including India. Climate change activists have made people realise the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. Rainwater harvesting, which was already practised in several Indian cities, is also being adopted worldwide. This method has become a crucial aspect of saving water for our daily needs and also for emergencies.

As we are well aware, water is an important resource for both humans and animals. Therefore, mindfully using this limited natural resource is every individual’s topmost duty. In simple terms, a water storage tank is a container used for storing water. A typical example of water storage tanks is residential water tanks and overhead water tanks in India. However, many people prefer using water tanks for storing rainwater as well.

Let us look into how much water can be harvested on a daily basis

According to research by conservation experts, a house of sound 300 sq metres can conserve roughly around 2 lakh litres of water. This stored water can be used for different alternative tasks and help people survive during times of water scarcity.

Now, most of you might wonder what if this stored water goes bad or starts smelling? Experts already have an answer to this question. If you store water safely and in clean, hygienic conditions, it can have a shelf-life of 12 months or even more. For this, you can choose from a wide range of plastic water tanks or other types of water tanks with four or five layers of protection. Concerns regarding the purity of the water stored are one of the leading causes why people abstain from storing water. However, this stored water can last for several months if stored properly.

The next big concern that people have is how they should store water to last longer. The simple answer is to store water in the right water tank. There are different types of tanks available in the market. These include- overhead water tanks, underground tanks, horizontal and even vertical tanks. We often do not pay much attention to the kind of water tanks we keep in our homes. However, they are the essential elements of our homes, as they are responsible for supplying us with clean drinking water. With time, the construction manner of water tanks has evolved. Manufacturers now use various technologies while building these water storage tanks. Nowadays, water tanks are available in different designs, sizes, colours and prices.

Overhead water tanks are placed at a height that allows them to function efficiently. These water tanks have high-power motor pumps installed that help the water reach the tank easily. These are the most popular types of water tanks for domestic purposes as they help provide a constant supply of water for cooking, washing, and other needs.

Two Thumb rules to help you select the right kind of water tank for your daily needs-

  1. If your family size is small, you can opt for water tanks ranging between sizes- 500-600 litres. However, if you have a large family, a water tank of size- around 800-1000 litres is the right one for you.
  2. You can also choose the shape of the water tank. Vertical water tanks are suitable for storing water inside the house as they do not take up much space. You can use horizontal tanks for storing water underground.

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