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What are people saying about preschool in Surrey, BC, Canada

Early childhood or preschool education is basically for children between the ages of 18 months to 36 months.  In the brain of a newborn child, neurons rapidly begin connecting and this continues forever. Most of it is complete by the age of 2. This is the base of early childhood development. You can find many Best Kids Preschool in Surrey.

The first few years of life are very important. The brain development, structural development of the actual brain, and functional development occur in those years. The kind of environment that child is exposed to during those early years will impact the child’s intelligence and personality later. It teaches them to play and share with each other.

The young mind is like a sponge. They learn from everything they see, do, hear, feel, smell, and taste. everyone they interact with (talk, play, laugh), and everywhere they go becomes a part of their learning. It helps in developing socialization among a child. In a safe environment, away from family, children meet other people of the same age, sowing the seeds of socialization and friendship in young minds.

Why every child should study in preschool:

Studies show that the brain develops quickly during these first years because the more you keep the brain busy, the better it grows and is ready for school. In high-income countries, 84% of people have access to preschool education. In middle-income countries, only 53% and in low-income countries only 17%.

Your child’s early years hold the key to developing the academic, social, and thinking skills that will determine their success in life. Researchers have concluded that going to preschool makes a radical difference in people’s lives. It improves their grades in school, their relationships with other people, job satisfaction, earning potential, and adulthood. A good education is the foundation of a lifetime of learning and growth and that foundation begins with preschool.

Preschool grows children in certain ways:

  • Cooperation: During this phase, children learn to share, cooperate, and take turns. This is the most important life skill that should be taught to children at this age. This skill will always help them while working socially and they will know that their desires will be fulfilled with cooperation.
  • Enthusiasm: Children will develop a hunger for learning if they are taught through fun and exciting activities. It includes playing, dancing, singing, construction, cooking, etc. It will increase the enthusiasm of the child and interest in learning more new things.
  • Respect: A safe environment helps children learn to become civil towards one another and start understanding the concept of respect. They will learn to treat everyone, and say magic words like sorry and thank you. They learn to accept their mistake and all the basic etiquette that is important.
  • Teamwork: A person’s teamwork ability is based on their respect for others’ opinions, listening skills, and thinking towards equality. All children should learn these things at a young age. Teaching teamwork will help children to learn to share their things, take help from others and help others also. They will make the habit of doing things with everyone.
  • Patience: Children should be trained to handle situations in the future. Activities like listening to the teacher, waiting for their turn, do not interrupt in between, etc. will help children’s development.
  • Brain Development: Children’s brain starts developing in early childhood and they will get better with the help of preschool education. Preschool provides different mental activities that sharpen their mind. Various activities involving analyzing and logical reasoning help them to develop their skills.

How Preschool Contributes to the development of a Child: 

Provides Social and Economic Learning in One Place: Children at a very young age are curious and observant. It is important to meet and interact with new people other than family members. This builds the habit of interacting with new people and teaches them how to share and cooperate with each other.  To grow academically, teachers involve students in the charity of activities and games that help them to learn the academic parts in a fun-loving way.

Prepare Youngsters to be lifelong Learners: The introduction of school and studies to children should be an exciting and fun way. The curiosity about learning, knowing, and doing, will be lost if the first impression will be academic or boring. Preschool helps children to inculcate the curiosity and positivity about learning that helps them in their future academics or other learning.

Develop Cognitive and Language Skills: These cognitive skills like solving problems, trying new things, and observing the world, help children to learn in a creative way. In preschool teachers introduce students to new vocabularies in every activity which nourishes their language skills.

Activities Help Develop pre-literacy Skills:  Teachers at preschools, use different kinds of activities and games that help children develop pre-literacy skills. Learning rhymes and speaking aloud, reading stories help discriminate sounds, and learning alphabets with alphabet songs.

Learn to Look after Themselves: Preschool makes children learn to look after themselves like washing hands before and after eating and taking care of their belongings. Preschool makes the child responsible and they learn to do small things that they can do by themselves.

Reduces the Need for Special Education: There are many special education services that provide services for children who are not able to grow or achieve development goals as compared to their peers. According to the report, children who study in preschool are less likely to need special education. They are more likely to score well, complete their studies and be successful.

Preschool doesn’t teach math to the children. These schools have unique techniques for teaching math and math tricks. They teach when children are ready but they involve them in such counting activities and board games that include math. This help develops an understanding of numbers.

In Conclusion

Preschool helps in the overall development of children. They learn from eating themselves to helping others and academics in such a way that the parents will not even realize how fast their children have learned everything. There are so many play schools that teach children through play and make them school-ready. There is much Daycare in Surrey also that provide these services for children.

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