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What Door Stopper Do I Need?

Are you searching for the door stopper for your door? It is one of the most hardworking pieces of hardware in your home. They are beneficial for holding your strong oak door in line. In addition, they keep your doorknobs from punching holes in the drywall. So people use this door ironmongery hardware to save their door from damage or unwanted closing the door. 

Some of the stops are installed on the hinge pin and in others, they mount on the baseboard along the wall. Generally, they are the two most prevalent types of residential door stops. In addition to this, hinge pin stops are installed by sliding the pin from your hinge. This can be done via a hole in the stop, and in fact, most hinge pin stops have a threaded post. Furthermore, this will allow you to adjust the door’s opening distance. Basically, solid metal or a coiled steel spring are commonly used for baseboard-mounted stops.

In this blog post, we are going to tell you about the need for door stoppers and their benefits. After reading the article you will feel confident and able to figure out the best doorstop for you.

Most Popular Type of Door Stoppers

  1. Spring Door Stops

This type of doorstop can act like a baseboard door stopper. This is because they use a spring mechanism to protect the door from slamming into the wall. So it can result in a bounce-back if someone tries to close the door too quickly.  In order to prevent damage to your home or business, spring door stops are ideal to use. They can be mounted on the baseboards or the wall.

  1. Magnetic Doorstop

Magnetic door stops are one of the most versatile door stoppers. These magnetic door stops can be easily put on your floor or baseboard to protect your walls from damage. In addition, the strong magnetic force keeps the door open and keeps it from slamming against the next wall. They are also called ornamental door stoppers that come in a range of finishes. Using them you can give your home or business a more beautiful appearance.

  1. Hinge Pin Doorstop

It is one of the most practical forms of door stopper that can be positioned at the door’s hinge. Furthermore, they do not require any door hardware to be inserted in the baseboard or adjoining wall. This hinge pin door stop is really one of the most unobtrusive forms of door stoppers. Moreover, it serves a useful purpose, but understand that it is not always the beautiful sort of door stopper.

  1. Wall-Bumper Doorstop

A wall-bumper door stop is similar to a baseboard door stop in that it is installed to bounce the door back somewhat when it is swung firmly. To prevent damage to the wall next to your door, wall-bumper door stops are positioned higher on the wall, ideally where the doorknob meets the wall.

The main purpose of a floor-mounted door stopper is to protect your walls from damage. They can accomplish your needs and necessitate some floor space adjacent to the door. This sort of door stopper is simply installed into the floor instead of the baseboard. However, make sure that the vertically extending door stopper shouldn’t be not too far from the wall. 

  1. Hook Doorstop

The hook door stop is placed on the floor with a second eyelet. You can install it immediately on the bottom of your door. This will provide the double amount of prevention as typical doorstops. It is truly perfect for keeping doors open for extended periods of time. In fact, it resembles the magnetic doorstop in certain ways and performs the two purposes. 

You can also accommodate the sliding or pocket doors with a sliding door stopper. In order to decrease the shock of a sliding door shutting, it is usually hidden and fixed on the wall. You may also see that cabinet doors have these types of door stoppers.

  1. Security Door Stoppers

For enhancing the security you can use the security door stopper for protecting outside doors. Basically, these sorts of door stoppers can prevent the door from being opened from the outside. They are available in some magnetic and cast iron or rubber form. Not only front doors, but also side and kitchen outside doors might benefit from these stoppers.

  1. Kick-Down Doorstop

Kick-down doorstops are able to keep doors from opening too far. It can be solely installed in your door and allows you to manually activate the kick stop. This you can do when you need to prop the door open. Moreover, for commercial and industrial business settings, this product is frequently used.

  1. Rubber Wedge Doorstop

This door stop is popular among users and provides the advantage of not requiring any door hardware. There is no need for any mechanisms to be installed on the baseboards or the wall. Basically, this self-contained doorstop is made of strong rubber and slides under the door. This will help to keep it open for a short period of time.

  1. Cast Iron Doorstop

If you’re a decoration lover and want to give your home a rustic appeal with protection choose this doorstop. It has a durable structure and a practical way to keep doors from banging into the walls.

  1. Door Chocks

They are not exactly a door stopper, but they are an excellent way to keep your doors open. Even more, they’re fantastic for securing a door hinge and preventing it from crashing shut. They include a number of additional features that are truly beneficial to emergency personnel like firefighters and paramedics.

Final Words

In conclusion, with so many options it isn’t easy to find the perfect door stopper. But now hopefully, you can easily select the best one that can fulfill your requirements. You can explore door Ironmongery hardware such as door stops, hinges, handles, and many more in a range of finishes. You need to consider both aspects like appearance and functionalities while searching for them.

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