Will My IPad Pro 10.2 Inch Fit In A 9.7 Inch Case?

While upgrading your iPad is exciting, it can also be expensive. It’s understandable if you don’t feel like the added expense of a protective case. It is even more annoying if you try to fit your new iPad in the old case. Let’s see if a new iPad Pro 10.2 fits into an iPad 9.7 case by Zugucase.

What Is the Difference Between an iPad 10.2 and an iPad 9.7?

Apple released the iPad 9.7 in 2018 and followed it up with the iPad 10.2 one year later. While fans got excited about the latest version, it was easy to see that the difference between the two devices was minimal. Except for the price, of course. The iPad 9.7 has been discontinued but does it mean you need to throw out your case instead of using it for an iPad 10.2?
In fact, the specifications duplicate on both iPad versions. Both have the same storage and three color options: silver-gray, black, and gold. Each has a lightning port to charge and a 3.5mm audio jack. Even the A10 Fusion processor is identical. The iPad 9.7 and iPad 10.2 both have Home buttons and the same camera mounting.
Size is the main difference between the two iPads. The iPad 10.2 inches is slightly bigger and heavier than its predecessor. However, not by much. These are the dimensions of the two versions:

iPad 10.2:

Dimensions: 9.87 X 6.85 X 0.3 inches.
Weight: 483 grams (Wi-Fi). 493 grams (LTE).

iPad 9.7:

Dimensions: 9.45 X 6.67 X 0.3 inches
Weight: 469 grams (Wi-Fi). 478 grams (LTE).
Indeed, the size difference boils down to a few millimeters. Does this mean that you have to replace your iPad case in addition to your iPad?
Actually, the right question to ask is: should you fit your iPad into a smaller case?

Choosing The Right iPad Case

High-quality cases fit your device like a glove. They are neither too tight nor too loose. A loose cover can slip off your iPad, sometimes potentially exposing your device to damage at the worst possible times. On the other hand, a tight case can force the iPad to bend or warp the screen.
Zugu cases, for example, are a massive favorite with iPad fans. The cases are at the top of their class for their strength adaptability, but they design bespoke cases for every single iPad released on the market.
So, let’s see the dimensions for a Zugu 9.2 iPad case. Its dimensions are 9.8 X 7.03 X 0.5 inches. Meanwhile, the product specs for a Zugu 10.2 iPad case are 10.23 X 7.11 X 0.5 inches. Although the two iPads differ slightly in size, Zulu’s iPad covers caters for those extra millimeters.
In fact, the company recommends that you purchase a case built specifically for your exact iPad model. You can quickly check the dimensions on their site.

Why Do Zugu Cases Stand Out From The Rest?

Five-foot Drop Protection

Each Zugu case is made from TPU plastic, which is highly durable, and the corners have added bump reinforcement. The company guarantees your iPad’s safety against a five-foot drop on concrete, giving you complete peace of mind. However, if the iPad does get damaged while in a Zugu case, Zug company covers the AppleCare+ repair costs.

Multiple-Angle Stand

Zulu’s iPad 10.2 case is an adjustable magnetic stand with eight slots. Choose the angle that works for you when writing an important email, watching a movie, or following an online recipe. Thanks to the fitted magnets in each slot, there is no risk of the iPad slipping or falling sideways. You can even mount the case flat on a magnetic surface, such as the refrigerator.

Air-Flow Vents

Gone are the days when you need to stop using the iPad because it overheats after a long period of use. Many iPad cases overlook this important detail, which can be detrimental if you use your iPad for long periods of time. Zugu cases have inbuilt air vents that keep your device cool, keeping it safe.

Tried And Tested

Zugu’s reputation speaks for itself. The company has sold more than one million cases and has thousands of five-star online reviews. Customers love to buy Zugu cases for their durability and versatility and keep going back whenever they upgrade their iPad.

It’s All In The Detail

Every Zugu case is lined with a soft microfiber that repels dust while protecting your iPad. In addition, the magnetic flap activates the device’s sleep/wake function, saving precious battery power. The case also has an elastic pocket that holds your Apple Pencil in place. Gone are the days when you waste time hunting it down.
So, while it might be convenient to try and stuff your new iPad 10.2 into your old 9.7 inch case, it certainly is not worth it for your device or pocket.

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