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What Makes Lucida the Best Choice of Laminates?

An artificial composite sheet made by pressing together alternating layers of thin sheets of paper and resin together under high pressure and sometimes heat, laminates are crafted primarily via an amalgamation of thin sheets of kraft paper and plastic resins. Today they are found in several Indian households as decorative materials.

While there has been little doubt regarding the beauty and charm of laminates, not long ago, people often struggled to choose laminates because of upfront and maintenance costs. As the technology developed, laminates have become more viable, durable, and functional, in addition to being budget-friendly.

Today, Lucida Laminates, a range of glossy laminates by CenturyLaminates, a pioneer of manufacturing laminates in India, is the best product that fits into the above definition of modern laminates. They are radiant, vibrant, and sophisticated interior decors that make a house into a home. These laminates are the best choice for the bathroom, bedroom, and living room, along with the kitchen, for all the right reasons.

Some features of Lucida CenturyLaminates that make it the best choice of laminates are:-

Colour Fastness

The decorative print of laminates tends to fade away gradually with time. However, each Lucida laminate has a protective layer. The layer preserves the color and ensures that the color stays in its pristine form for years to come. Hence with Lucida, the room shall remain vivacious by retaining its glow.


While most companies use a one-part resin, a specially formulated double hardened resin impregnates each Lucida laminate. This type of adhesive allows for a better binding among the kraft paper layer that lasts for a lifetime. This technology gives these laminates considerable endurance, which is instrumental in making them withstand the wrath of nature.


Apart from the unique resin, the laminates derive their solidity from the different layers used in the making process. 44 layers of kraft papers are sandwiched between a decoration sheet, a barrier layer, and a UV protective layer. This arrangement gives the laminates profound strength to withstand a plethora of extremities.

Manufacturing process

The laminates are made by compressing the layer with a hot press as hot as 150º Celsius under high pressure of 230kg per cm sq. Coupled with the advanced resin and the European kraft papers, the process gives each Lucida laminate a colossal amount of durability and strength.

Resistance to scuffing and marring

The acrylic protective layer adds resistance to scuffing, i.e., even when a surface scrapes the laminates, there would be no harm to its state. Besides, the laminates do not mar easily. This is made possible with the use of advanced kraft papers.


Maintaining the laminates is effortless. They just need to be wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Moreover, not only are they easy to clean but also stain resistant.

Fire retardant

The laminates do not catch fire under normal circumstances. The laminates are coated with advanced chemicals that allow them to withstand exposure to fire and hence, allow more safety in spaces like the kitchen.


Dents and dimples have no space in Century Lucida laminates. The bond between the layers and double hardened resin leaves no scope of sustaining damage from impact. The layers can receive any amount of tension and would not break off. Hence, one can enjoy the unbridled beauty of the laminates for a considerable time.


The laminates come with ViroKill technology. As covid 19 has made everyone more conscious of hygiene, the importance of having access to spaces free from bacteria has increased. With silver nanotechnology, each Lucida laminate kills 99.99% of the microbes to ensure the health of the buyer.

The Bottom Line

Additionally, laminates are available in every part of India, making them highly accessible even in remote areas. Moreover, these decorative laminates come with a tremendous warranty of 7 years. A brand can offer such benefits only when it has faith in the quality of the products and their longevity. Thus, Lucida CenturyLaminates leave no scope of dissatisfaction

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