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Where is My HVAC Filter and How to Clean it?

Identifying where to find HVAC filter commonly can assist in the detection of dirty or blocked air filters that are driving up the air conditioning or heating costs. Check a few different areas before thinking your HVAC system doesn’t have an air filter or just has one.

Where is My HVAC Filter

Here are some locations to check if you can’t locate your HVAC system filters because there may be more than one air filter in your HVAC system.

How to Clean Air Filter

To begin, keep in mind that no one can clean all the cooling system filters. You’ll have to change your HVAC filter outright if it has a cardboard frame or any textual indication of non-serviceability. Replacement air filters are available at most home hardware stores. Make sure you get the proper size filter; bring your old one along for comparison. Contact a professional for mold air duct cleaning Roswell to keep the HVAC filter working.

Places to Check for the Filter

Central Air Return

If your duct system uses central air returns rather than individual room-air return ducts, you may find the grille installed in the ceiling or wall.

Depending on the layout of your system, there may be multiple primary return locations. If there are more than two returns, the filter is most likely installed at the air handling unit rather than these grilles. However, this implies that the returning ducts themselves become increasingly filthy due to the building’s dust and debris.

Attic Air Handler

Look for a notch with a detachable cover on the attic air handler. If the manufacturer had used one-inch-thick filters, the slot might be only an inch or so broad. It may also be multiple inches in diameter if a wide high-capacity pleat or related filter is utilized.

The air supply plenum on an attic or underground air blower unit is typically a huge metal box. It has dimensions similar to the air conditioner blowing unit itself in width and length. You may see a black nut or screw at the head of the purifier slot cover; remove it to raise the cover-up and out.

The air purifier will slide right out or would if someone hadn’t glued the electrostatic air cleaner energy line. You have to do it so firmly to the condensate drain that it prevents air filter removal. To change the filter, the owner must remove the tape and release the blocking cable.

Basement Air Handler

If the HVAC unit is an up-flow system, search for a filter in the return air plenum, which is usually near the air handler’s underside. In the less typical instance of return air entering at the top of the air handler and departing at the bottom.

You can increase the overall airflow through the system by adding an air inlet. But drawing return air from near to the oil or gas flame on a furnace can cause the following problems:

  • It can cause the burner to operate incorrectly (interfering with the combustion air supply).
  • It can pull oil fumes or gas odors into the supply air of the building
  • If these conditions create carbon monoxide production and spill at a gas burner, it can kill building residents.

Near an Electrostatic Air Cleaner

If your air handler has an electronic air cleaner, search for the filter next to the electrostatic air cleaner. Furthermore, the electrostatic cleaner, which is a particle incinerating filter in and of itself, must be cleaned thoroughly.

A silver handle visible above the white electrostatic cleaner indicates the presence of a detachable filter.

Cleaning intervals and procedures should be determined by the manufacturer of the equipment. Air duct sanitizing Roswell GA is also helpful for vents to work fine.

Places of Central Return Registers

Central return registers are usually positioned in one or two general sections of a property. So, they will not mistakenly turn it off when a door is not open.

The absence of a centralized return register in a room is due to the fact that closing the apartment door would cut off the return airflow to other parts of the building.

House dust deposits may be visible around the borders of the hole into which manufacturers installed the air filter, indicating air bypass leakage.

You can see a gasket included with some air filters to prevent air and dust leaks in these areas. When the air handler is functioning, these leaking apertures at air filters might also generate noises.

How to Find HVAC Filter of Individual Room

In each room with an air conditioning source register, check to verify if there is also a return air register. We need to know how to distinguish a supply air register from a return air register because some rooms have several air supply registers and ducts.

You can usually find the supplying registers in the ceiling or on the outer wall of a structure. Although, they can also be located on the floor, usually near an exterior wall.

At a roof or wall supply register, air conditioning supply registers usually include an adjustable louver. You can open or close the air supply register using the small lever at the right end of the register lid.

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