Who is the best LOR writing counselor in India?

A Letter of recommendation summarizes a student’s profile written by lectures/teachers/employers.

Generally, these documents are from your mentors who are familiar with you and have worked previously. In short, a letter of recommendation is a document drafted by somebody trustworthy enough to analyze your accomplishments, skills, and know-how.

Thus, an accurately written LOR from a renowned recommender will always aid you in procuring admission to reputed colleges all over the globe. It resembles your preview of a persona that a professor endorses.

The primary reason colleges require LOR is that it gives them a chance to assess your profile and get a clear picture of why they should select you as a student for their university. LOR writing services in India make unique and impeccable LOR drafts that would undoubtedly help you acquire admission to your chosen universities/colleges.

Now, as you are aware of the significance of writing a letter of recommendation in a good way, the below-mentioned guidelines will help you to frame LOR writing counselor.

LOR is generally a single-page document, and it should encircle 400-500 words. It should not exceed this limit as it would lead to your LOR rejection. Some particular aspects need to be considered.

Let’s understand them in detail:

LOR is segregated into 4-5 paragraphs. The introductory paragraph comprises a strong connection between the student and the recommender. The second paragraph focuses on the traits of a student, and the third paragraph states the technical or soft skills. The last paragraph must summarize all the points and how the student is an asset to the university  

  • It is advised to write your LOR on an A4 size paper.
  • Font size must be approximately 11-12.
  • Keep a 1-inch margin in the document.
  • And the line spacing length should be 1.5.

Kinds of LOR

There are generally two kinds of LOR. Based on your profile, the recommender helps you with two types of LOR, and that entails: 

  1. Academic LOR

Academic LORs are the recommended documents by lecturers who taught you any particular subject in undergraduate studies. It can also be any project mentor you have worked on the major project.

  1. Professional LOR

These LORs are generally recommended by your employer or manager of the firm. They illustrate the skills and your traits as an employee.

Admission committees are searching for simple documents and stand out from the crowd. In such cases, hiring LOR writing services in India helps you majorly. E-writing champs, a leading content writing agency, has the best LOR writing counselor to seek your admission in highly reputed institutes. As we have comprehensive years of proficiency in LOR writing, we comprehend the requirements of every student based on their profile.

Why E-writing champs for a letter of recommendation writing service?

Best quality

Quality is the most crucial factor in your LOR. While submitting such a critical document, you should ensure high-quality standards. Our skilled writers tend to maintain the quality considering the format and relevant points required for LOR.

On-time delivery

Our letter of recommendation writing service is dedicated to catering to the client’s requisite and working in the best possible way to fulfill all the client’s demands. We understand the importance of deadlines, and our team provides the document with on-time delivery, keeping in mind all the essential points.

Error correction/edit

You might require final changes in your document. Even though our services never fail to cover any point in generating the best LOR, there might be some irrelevant information from the client’s end. Therefore, we proffer you free revision services, and you can convey to us your changes which will help us frame your top-notch quality LOR.

100% plagiarism-free

90% of the applicants generate their LOR in the last couple of hours. They rely on the internet to craft their LOR as there is less time. They forget that they plagiarized content by copying samples from different sources. This indicates that these documents are 50% the same as any other LOR. It leads to making your document dull, and there is no distinctiveness.

That is when hiring our LOR writing services in India aid you in eradicating plagiarized content from your document. Our team of writers inscribes your LOR accurately and exclusively that the admission committee approves your admission.

Flawless writing trend

You may experience in writing essays during school time. But are you thorough with the current trends in drafting LOR? This is due to the document’s change in format and writing tone depending on university requisites. We are familiar with all the current writing trends that make your LOR engaging and appealing to the admission committee.

We enclose these aspects mentioned above in our writing service, and it makes us the best LOR writing counselor in India.

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