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8 Signs Showing Kitchen Exhaust Ducting System Needs Cleaning

For the kitchen exhaust system to work for a long time, maintenance is very important. Its air ducts are the essential part allowing the warm and cool air to pass inside and outside through it. 

When the kitchen exhaust ducting system is blocked, it can lead to less efficiency, increased energy bills, and more damage to the system. So, be attentive to keep the air ducts clean by removing all the dirt and debris. If you have not cleaned it for a while, here are some signs showing an immediate cleaning is needed.

8 Warning Signs For Your Air Duct Cleaning

Visible Mold

Sometimes, the kitchen exhaust system can create condensation which can lead to mold growth in air ducts. The high chances are specifically during the humid weather. Molds are likely to spot around vent covers. 

Unfortunately, many parts of the kitchen exhaust duct system are not accessible, making it hard to detect visually. So, if you notice mold on the outer side of vents, do immediately take help from the professionals. They can easily identify and provide the solution to prevent mold growth.  

In addition, apart from the duct cleaning, you can opt for some other additional protection against excess moisture in the room. Install the home dehumidifier or optimize the temperature settings of your thermostat. 

The negligence can cause many respiratory problems, skin irritation, eye irritation, and even throat irritation. Additionally, people with bad immune systems might suffer severe illnesses from being exposed to mildew.

Increased Energy bills 

When dirt accumulates on the kitchen exhaust ducting system, the efficiency of the kitchen exhaust reduces. It has to work extra hard to function. This means it will take additional energy than usual to perform efficiently. Consequently, there can be increased electricity expenses. 

If you notice an unnecessary spike in your electricity bill, do contact the repairing services and fix the issue as soon as possible. Keep this into consideration, the energy consumption by your kitchen exhaust system must be measured every year. Thus, you can get a clear understanding of how much electricity your kitchen exhaust system consumes in a year.

Signs of Rodents

What is worse than the rodent infestation in your kitchen exhaust duct system? If you smell or notice any rodents or insects that may be residing in air ducts, it is a sign for immediate cleaning. They can permanently spread feces, urine, and harmful contaminants in the duct tube. Over time, the smell from this debris can become extremely unpleasant and unhealthy. 

The contaminant circulating through the air can cause several respiratory illnesses. Besides this, if you have a flexible duct system, then certainly, there might be entire damage in the interior part. Rodents easily cause wear and tear to plastic duct lining which is more challenging to repair than the metal duct system. So, if you find a rodent infestation in your air duct, immediately take action to deal with it.

Dusty Grills

Grills are the window into the air ducts of your kitchen exhaust ducting system. The cool and hot air blows up through it inside and outside your room. Dust on them is the indicative sign that they need interior cleaning. So, carefully remove them and check inside the duct system.

The thick coating of dust is a sign of higher chances of contaminated dust particles within the internal space. If it is the case, your duct system definitely needs a proper cleaning. 

Poor Air Flow

The kitchen hood system not only removes the hot air from the room but also improves air circulation. But when the air ducts are full of dirt and dust, there is not the same quality of airflow. It is because of the accumulation of the slime in the air duct that blocks the air from getting inside. 

Do check the air intake grills of your kitchen exhaust duct system. Clean them to remove excess dirt and take the help of professionals for interior cleaning. 

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters are the essential part of the kitchen exhaust system that traps the heat and steam and circulates the fresh air in the room. When a large amount of debris builds up on them, the exhaust system loses its efficiency. Generally, people should change the air filter every 2 or 3 months to maintain its proper functioning. 

However, if you notice the need for changing the air filters regularly, then surely it may be a sign of blocked air ducts. Besides this, to prevent the building up of dirt in future, along with changing the air filters, install the air purifiers too. Both the devices trap aerial particles like dust, bacteria, and smoke before they enter the duct. 

Musty Smelly Duct

If you smell some unpleasant odor near your kitchen exhaust duct system, surely it could be because of the dirty air duct. It is a sign of mold, slime, or mildew growth. In this case, you need a specialized expert to deal with the issue. 

The musty smell can be due to the burning of dirt trapped inside the air duct. If you neglect it and allow the build-up of dust, it can produce more bad odor whenever you switch on the exhaust system. So, clean your duct and make your kitchen environment fresh and odor-free. 

Increased Health Problem

Do you notice some allergy issues? Do you always have a cough? Do you have increased asthma or any other respiratory problem? If yes, certainly it might be due to dirty ductwork. 

The high amount of dust present inside the air duct can circulate all over the room and directly affect the room’s air quality. Inhaling such impure air can impact your health. So, if it’s been many months since you have not considered cleaning, do get your ductwork checked. The professionals can tackle the problem and provide the right service to your kitchen exhaust ducting system. 

Summing Up

The cleaning of the kitchen exhaust ducting system must be part of your occasional maintenance regime. Keeping the air ducts free of dirt and dust can lower your energy expenses and keep your space in good condition. Besides this, it even assures the well-being of you and your family by providing a healthy environment to live in.

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