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Easy Chinese clouds with hands

Easy Chinese clouds with hands

You rarely get the chance to see shadow theaters in this age of high-tech gadgets. When entertainment is just a touch of the screen. But before smartphones, tablets, computers, Netflix, and other smart devices, Chinese shadows were a simple entertainment medium in previous centuries.

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Easy hand shadows for entertainment

The use of easy hand shadows for entertainment has declined since the 19th century, as light bulbs became widely available and cinema began to spread. Ideally, Chinese shades look best when you only have candlelight as the light source. For this reason, the form of entertainment was more popular in ancient times.

Author Austin Hackney

According to author Austin Hackney, no one knows exactly where shadow theater began. Any adult or child can make an easy Chinese shadow with his hands, he just wants to try new things and get creative with his hands.

You don’t need anything fancy

just make sure you have the right light source and a light-colored wall where you will cast your shadow. It is good to note that when your hands are close to the light source, it casts a large but less precise shadow. Alternatively, if your hands are further away from the light source, it will cast a lighter, but a smaller shadow.

Chinese shadows

What are Chinese shadows? The art of shadow puppetry probably dates back to ancient China (they are also called shadow puppets) and has been a popular entertainment for thousands of years. One of the beautiful things about hand shadow puppets is that you only need a light source, a blank wall or screen, and a pair of hands to create them.

Despite its simplicity

a hand shadow show can be extremely beautiful and entertaining (watch the video below, it will inspire you) and the basic figures can be learned and performed by anyone, including children.

A shadow puppet

A Chinese hand shadow is different from a shadow puppet. The shadow puppet is made from leather, wood, or cardboard, cut to represent a figure, which then creates a silhouette when placed against a translucent screen. As the name suggests, the shadow of a Chinese hand is a figure formed simply by one’s own hands and animated by a shadow cast on a wall or screen.

Chinese shadow puppets

Before we get into the details of how to create and render these beautiful and easy Chinese shadows with your hands, let’s first take a look at one of the masters of the art at work. Watch this other video to see what can be done with this simple technique: Make Chinese shadows with your hands The key to success when it comes to Chinese shadow puppets is the willingness to experiment, try solutions, and be very playful.

Ideal lighting solution

That said, while there are no complex technology requirements, you will get the best effects by choosing the most suitable light source. The best light source is a portable, adjustable light source with a pungent bulb and a focused medium to narrow beam. An ideal lighting resolution is considering angle lamps that project a clear ring of light against the wall or mesh.

China and India

What is shadow theater Have you ever used your hands, a light, and a wall to create a shadow? Maybe it was a dog or maybe a rabbit? If so, you already have experience in Chinese shadows! Shadow theater (also called shadow play) began thousands of years ago in China and India.

Type of puppet in the world

This unique way of telling stories is the oldest type of puppet in the world. Shadow puppets are figures placed between a light and a screen. Carrying them makes the fantasy of transferring photos on the mesh. An experienced puppeteer can give the impression that the figures are walking, talking, fighting, and dancing.

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