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Tips for Choosing a Baby Bike Seat

In Australia, over 80 per cent of people cycle for recreation, and one-third of people use bikes for journeying to work, shops, or their friends’ places. Women make up one-fifth of commuter cyclists in the country. Taking your tiny tot along when you ride a bike is a great way to introduce them to cycling and nurture a fondness for an active lifestyle. It is accomplished perfectly through child bike seats. A baby bike seat in Australia having features like rear storage capacity, adjustable push handle, and sun cover can ensure the comfort and security of your child. Here are some other factors you need to consider when selecting a child bike seat.

Pay Attention to Your Kid’s Weight and Age

It would be best to consider your kids’ age and weight when getting a child bike seat. The two types of seats, namely rear-mounted and front-mounted, differ considerably.

  • Rear-mounted bike seats for children are bigger. They are thus ideal for older kids. These seats are developed for nine months to 7 years old kids. They can hold a maximum weight of 48 lbs.
  • Front-mounted bike seats for children are smaller than rear-mounted ones. They are ideal for children who are nine months to 5 years old. Children weighing up to 33 pounds can be accommodated in this seat.

Look at the Shoulder Straps Design

Shoulder straps are a crucial safety feature to consider when exploring kids bike seats. Every kind of bike seat for children, except the front-mounted ones, contain safety straps. But they vary in design and the way you can adjust them. You can tighten some of them by just pulling their ends, while others have some slots in the backrest for adjusting the height. Specific strap systems enable you to easily adjust the depth of the shoulder straps on the seating area, and it facilitates easy adjustment between older and younger kids.

Assess the Safety Features

Being a parent, your child’s safety must undoubtedly be the number one concern when choosing a bike seat. It’s the reason why safety functionalities like rear light, bumpers, and reflectors are prominently preferred. Most rear-mounted seats come with built-in reflectors, which enhance visibility during the nighttime. Some advanced models also contain mounting points for rear lights. You can buy them individually and then attach them to the seat to further enhance visibility. Bumpers are another safety feature. They refer to unique projections on the seat’s side. They safeguard children’s fingers from being squeezed when you lean your bike against a surface like a wall.

Consider the Presence of Adjustable Footrests

You will find footrests in various front and rear-mounted seats. But not all are adjustable. Footrests not only support your kid’s legs, but they also protect their feet from the bike’s wheels and make the ride more enjoyable. Adjustable footrests enable the child’s seat to grow with the kid, and you can adjust the height easily in a few moments. So, ensure that the seat you purchase has adjustable footrests. Additionally, foot straps on them will allow for more safety and keep the child firmly in place.

2.7 per cent of households in Australia own an electric bike, and the highest level of ownership is in western Australia. Kids as young as nine months old can enjoy the beautiful nature around them when you take them out on a bicycle ride. A baby bike seat in Australia with the features mentioned above would ensure your child’s safety and comfort, and it will allow your little one to relish the beautiful outdoors in a safe manner.

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