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iPhone Battery Replacement: How to Check Whether Your iPhone Battery Needs Replacement

Your iPhone is nothing more than a high-priced piece of glass and aluminium. The screen will not turn on, Wi-Fi will not connect, and you would not be able to capture a single image if the battery is dead. The iPhone is a fairly weak doorstop without a battery.

That’s why so many people are curious about how long iPhone batteries last. We’ll start with that question. However, many individuals confuse this topic with the related “how long do iPhones batteries last?” And when it is time for your iPhone battery replacement.

How to Check iPhone Battery Health and Find Out When to Replace It?

Do you want to know how to check the health of your iPhone battery? Do you think you’ll need to replace the battery in your iPhone? If you’ve owned your phone for a few years, your battery may be starting to fail. Check out our simple guide to see if an iPhone battery replacement is needed and how to replace your iPhone battery.

The fact that an iPhone battery will eventually lose its ability to hold a charge is well known. If your iPhone battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, you’re not alone: all rechargeable batteries degrade with time, and your iPhone’s battery is no different. As the battery ages, it may demand more frequent charging, retain a charge less effectively, or even shut down your phone suddenly.

It’s probably time to replace your iPhone’s battery once it’s reached 500 complete charges. Unfortunately, iOS does not show how many times your battery has been charged, however, there are a few alternative ways to check on the condition of your battery and see whether it needs to be replaced.

How to Check the Your iPhone’s Battery’s Health?

Apple released an iOS software update in early 2018 that included new features that provide customers better visibility into the health of their iPhone’s battery, allowing them to see for themselves if its state is influencing performance.

  • Go to Battery under the Settings menu.
  • Select Battery Health.
  • You’ll see what your battery’s maximum capacity is, which is a measurement of its capacity compare to when it was new. This number is likely to be lower the older your iPhone is. Because of the lower capacity, there may be fewer hours of use between charges.
  • The battery’s ‘Peak Performance Capacity’ is indicate below that. If your iPhone battery is in good shape, you’ll see a message “Your battery is currently supporting regular peak performance”.
  • However, if your iPhone shut down unexpectedly because the battery couldn’t deliver peak power, Performance Management may have been activate, and you’ll receive a notice that says: “This iPhone shut down unexpectedly because the battery couldn’t deliver the necessary peak power.” To help avoid this from happening again, performance management has been implement.
  • You’ll see Disable… next to the aforementioned statement. If you select the option, your iPhone’s performance will not be slow down, but you may encounter an unexpect shutdown the next time the battery is under strain.
  • You can also get a message that says “Your battery’s health is drastically impair. ” The battery can be replace by an Apple Authorize Service Provider to restore full performance and capacity.” Also include is a link “More about service options…”

Battery Warnings on the iPhone

It’s possible that your battery is low in capacity but that Performance Management hasn’t been turn on. This could just mean that you haven’t been in a circumstance where an unexpected shutdown occurred. The setting may be trigger if you were to play a graphically intense game while the battery was below 20%. 

You can continue to use your phone if you see a message saying your battery health has declined, but you may notice reduced charge capacity and some minor stability difficulties while your battery is on a lower charge. Having your battery inspect by a professional service expert is the best course of action, as it may result in the purchase of a new battery or the repair of your current one if there are any concerns.

Here are some signs that your iPhone battery needs to be replace:

  • Reduced speaker volume.
  • Stuttering screen when scrolling. 
  • Frame-rate drop in select game apps. 
  • Lengthier app-launch times

If you have AppleCare, you can have your battery replaced for free if it only holds 80% or less of its original charge.


If you want a flawless experience with a very user-friendly UI. iPhones are always the way to go. iPhones, on the other hand, are known for their poor battery life. iPhone owners deal with this, going from charging it twice a day to nearly 5-6 times a day over time. This isn’t to imply that Android batteries don’t go bad over time.

It’s also worth noting that keeping the device secure by avoiding spills and charging it in a heated area extends the battery’s life. If nothing else works and you’re certain you need an iPhone battery replacement. Hence, you need to visit an authorise iPhone service centre to get your battery replace.

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