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Learn 29 Brilliant Tips That Will Make Life Easier For All Parents

29 brilliant Tips That Will Make Life Easier For All Parents

Having children is a lifelong adventure. There are always little surprises that appear throughout the day. These 29  Brilliant tips That Will Make Life Easier For All Parents.

1. Laundry basket

Use a laundry basket in the bath to keep all toys close by.

2. Parents of twins

Parents of twins know about this problem. Who is who? The solution is pretty funny.

3. Splinters with baking soda

This restricts them from pressing them too much and placing them everywhere. Can remove the Splinters with baking soda. Can remove the Splinters with baking soda. It works better than butter!

4. Baking soda 

Baking soda is also helpful in getting rid of stains.

5. Make ice cream

When babies are teething, freeze milk or fruit with syrup to make ice cream. It will soothe their pain.

6. Cupcake wrappers

We stay frozen! Cupcake wrappers prevent sticky fingers.

7. Reheat several dishes

Not just for children! To reheat several dishes in the microwave when you’re in a hurry.

8. Sewn-on gloves

With sewn-on gloves, make sure you never lose your child in a crowd.

9. Centrifuge

To reassure your children when they are afraid of monsters at night, you can create your own “centrifuge” in a sprayer.

10. Put on their shoes

To help them put on their shoes, cut a sticker in half and stick them inside each shoe. They will find the left and right foot more easily.

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11. Avoid inserting a folded straw

Avoid accidents by inserting a folded straw from the bottom that your children will not be able to get out of their cups.

12. How to create a punishment?

Here’s how to create a punishments timer: Fill a bottle 3/4 full of water, glitter glue and extra fine glitter. Shake the bottle. When all the glitter is set, the punishment is over.

13. Helps alert other passengers on long flights

This little courtesy message is very kind and helps alert other passengers on long flights.
We are 14-week old twins, and this is our first flight! We will do our best to behave well, but we want to apologize in advance if we lose our temper, are afraid, or hurt our ears. Our mom and dad (aka our portable milk machine and diaper changer) have earplugs available if needed. We’re all seated at 20E and 20F if you want a pair.
We hope you have a good flight! ”

14. Wash their hands

Help them wash their hands using a shampoo bottle.

15.  Make A little hammock

Use sheets to make a nice little hammock under a table.

16. Make a hole

Make a hole in a pacifier, slide an eyedropper in it, and administer the medication.

17. Teach your children

Teach your children to hold the folds of juice cartons. So, This stops them from pressing them too much and placing them everywhere.

18. Staircase into a slide

By doing it right and being careful, you can turn a staircase into a slide.

19. Hold the pencil perfectl

Teach them to write by placing tissue in their hand. So, Your child will also need to hold the pencil perfectly.

20. A DVD box

A DVD box can be the perfect colouring box.

21. Long trips

Convenient for long trips. Hours of entertainment.

22. A small temporary tattoo

A small temporary tattoo can contain all the information needed in case something goes wrong! If you don’t have one, you can also write your name and phone number with a felt tip pen on her skin if it isn’t too sensitive.

23. Little mouse magical

Put glitter on a bill and make the little mouse magical.

24. An adhesive roll

Besides, an adhesive roll is convenient to pick up all those glitters.

25. Rubber bands

Rubber bands can hold sliced ​​apples together, so they don’t dry out.

26. When they grow up

What to do with the cradle when they grow up? Turn it into a great office!

27. Safety gantry on stairs

When installing a safety gantry on stairs: Secure it with planks to prevent damage to your railing.

28. A swimming pool

A swimming pool fries can be cut and placed on a door to prevent them from slamming or crushing little fingers.

29. Prevent children from falling 

One can also be placed under the fitted sheet to prevent children from falling out of bed.

Brilliant tips that will benefit all parents!

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