Website monitoring solutions for starters and advanced webmasters

A webmaster is a person who develops and maintains a website. Usually it is either the owner of the website himself or an outside specialist hired for the job. A webmaster can also do more than just maintain a website. Sometimes the task of the webmaster is promotion and advertising. But in most cases, the webmaster is in charge of monitoring the website and maintaining it. Maintenance includes finding and fixing various accessibility and stability problems. Therefore, quality continuous website monitoring is crucial for its functioning and development.

Best website monitoring solution for starters

Website monitoring is not inherently complicated. But, as is usually the case, the devil is in the details. In fact the complex of monitoring measures includes a huge number of diagnostic tests. Starting with checking the availability of the server and the website for various protocols, and ending with the observation of the indicators of the databases and the integrity of the content.


But the beginner absolutely does not need to get into all the details right away. For novice webmasters, especially if they also work with content and promotion, Google Analytics is an excellent choice. This system monitors the website according to the actions of users. It collects all the data and then provides reports on problems to the webmaster or website owner. Based on this data, it is possible to draw conclusions about the problems that the website has.

Advanced monitoring of website toolkits

The first thing every webmaster should do when the work gets complicated is to find an effective set of tools. One that will help handle all of the website monitoring procedures and do it without having to manually manage each individual process. And there are several good website monitoring tool kits to help webmasters with their work. And the best services are Pingdom, Uptime Robot and HostTracker. Those are overly similar in terms of basic functionality. And have all checks a webmaster may need.


If you talk about payment methods, all monitoring services work only by subscription. They are not too expensive, but the methods for calculating the cost of a subscription themselves are different. And although they do not have big differences and serious advantages over each other, a beginner will notice differences. Pingdom does not have a trial period, Uptime Robot has a free subscription which is noticeably limited, and Host Tracker has a fully functional 30 day trial period.

Most versatile monitoring of website toolkit

Given that you are looking for the most useful service that meets all your needs, you should choose the HostTracker platform. You can adapt this particular monitoring platform to almost any task. It’s easy to learn and easy to master.


On top of everything else, HostTracker has one important tool in its arsenal that its counterparts don’t have. This is a content checker or “Snapshot”. It automatically checks the content and notifies the responsible employees if it’s missing.

The snapshot service analyzes the webpage for keywords to make sure it’s the same page as the snapshot. If there are no errors, the system will run on a set schedule. If there are, however, the system will log them. This makes all data easily accessible to webmasters or website owners. In addition, the system will add all information to the statistics service. In this way, the webmaster will be able to check everything himself.

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