7 Useful Travel Apps that Work Offline

Mobile travel apps are great helpers in any journey. When connected to the Internet, they make it possible to book a hotel room, find a good place to eat, and even book a hire car for your road trip. 

But what if there’s no Internet connection available on your smartphone? Then you won’t be able to benefit from most applications. However, today there are many offline travel services. They will help you pack for your trip, easily navigate unfamiliar terrain, build a convenient route, and plan an excursion.

Yes, you can book a car hire in Brighton, London, Leeds, and any other point in the UK and the world. All you need to do is install the corresponding application on your smartphone. Such an application will compare all the available deals in the location you want, and help you choose the best car hire. 

Here are some useful apps that will make your trip easier, even without network access.


This program will prevent you from leaving important things at home. Just indicate exactly where you plan to go, and select activities you are going to include in your vacation program. In turn, PackPoint will prepare a list of things to take with you. 

The program will check the weather forecast and generate a detailed, and at the same time, a complete list of what is needed on such a trip. Well, then you can add or subtract any items according to your needs. It’s convenient to keep the list and then mark each item as you pack the bag.


When you need accurate offline maps, it’s hard to find something better than MAPS.ME. This is a very convenient and reliable navigator that will determine your location and guide you on the desired route wherever you go. 

Before you go on a trip, be sure to download the maps of the regions you need. As the world’s most popular navigator, MAPS.ME is powered by OpenStreetMap. Nice additional features include a simple, clear interface, high loading speed, and high-quality detailing. The app will easily find a convenient route to key points of interest, be it a museum, an amusement park, or a children’s cafe.

XE Currency Converter 

This is one of the most reliable and convenient currency converters today. It will help you quickly and easily navigate prices in a foreign country. XE Currency Сonverter will instantly calculate how many dollars are in 1 pound, or how many pounds are in 1 Euro. Before using, you need to download the required currencies – the application will remember the current exchange rate and will continue working without the Internet.

izi. TRAVEL 

It’s a pocket travel audio guide that helps to explore the sights of a particular country without guided tours. New cities, scenic routes, quirky museums, and stunning landmarks – the audio guide will help you to better immerse yourself in the local atmosphere at your own pace. 

To make it work, download the required tour in advance. When launched, the application will track where you are going by GPS and will automatically tell you the waypoints.


This is a useful app if you’re interested in aviation or suffer from flying anxiety. SkyGuru will tell you what happens in flight and why. It comments on everything from takeoff to turbulence zones and landing. As a result, this will help reduce your anxiety and keep you entertained in flight. 

How to get started? Enter the number and date of the flight – the application will download the weather forecast and other data, and then it will work offline, focusing on the phone’s sensors. Please note that the phone must be horizontally fixed during the entire flight.


Nothing darkens the joy of walking in an unfamiliar city like finding a toilet. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on this. Download the Flush app, turn on the GPS on your phone, and find the closest toilet anywhere in the world. 

CoPilot GPS 

CoPilot GPS is an easy-to-use application based on high-quality offline maps. It’s especially useful for those who travel by car. The app supports voice prompts and gestures, and can also work in portrait and landscape modes.

After setting the direction, you can add waypoints during the trip. This is very convenient if you want, for example, to include some attraction that is not on your main travel route. An additional advantage of CoPilot GPS is an extensive offline database for various facilities, including shops, gas stations, car parks, etc. So you won’t need Internet access to use the program.

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